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My name is Chris and I grew up in the suburbs of Boston on the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge; it was a great playground to explore. I majored in Culinary Arts at Minuteman Regional Vocational High School. That led me to enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY where I completed a two-year degree before heading west.

I learned to ski, hike and use a camera about the same time I learned to cook. This combination saw me traveling from mountain resort town to mountain resort town; Waterville Valley, NH, Taos, NM, Fort Collins, CO (not a resort town but at the base of the Rockies) and Yosemite Valley, CA before I eventually settled in Mammoth Lakes, California. The Eastern Sierra has been home ever since with time in Bishop, Rovana and Lone Pine.

My wish for mountain travel and food conflicted in the isolated region. The food options were limited and I worked my way through several of the better restaurants. On the other hand, the mountaineering options were enormous and I took full advantage of them. There came the day when I chose a skiing job and left the kitchen for another path. My last real cooking job was nearly twenty years ago at a high altitude research station located over 12,000’ in the spectacular White Mountains east of the Sierra Nevada.

Somehow I landed a job that allowed me an annual visit to San Francisco for a week every summer. I did not enjoy the convention I was attending but I loved exploring the food scene there. The job regularly sent me to places like Southern California, Texas and a few trips to China and Japan where my eyes to a new realm of food. It also paid me well enough that I took trips on my own to Argentina, New York, Las Vegas and back home to Boston.

Eventually I started a business. In 2005 I purchased a dual sport motorcycle intending to do longer rides but never seemed to find the time. That is until one day when my friend Kevin called with a suggestion for a ride in South America. Off we went to Santiago, Chile for a ride that included miles and miles of remote coastal tracks and crossing the Andes on a dirt road into Argentina. The trip changed me, I found something that was so enjoyable and challenging that I have tried into figuring out how to do more of it ever since.toyota rainbow fixed

After that trip I rode the length of Baja solo and went back to Baja with Kevin after getting my hips replaced. Later we crossed Oregon on dirt roads and down the Lost Coast of Northern California with his Dad.   I have ridden thousands of miles in my home region, many multi-day trips through Death Valley National Park and a long solo trip to the center of Nevada. I want more.

I started this blog as a training ground for a future ride, a trip around the world, up and down and back again. It turned out this blogging gig was far more enjoyable than I ever anticipated. Then life tossed me a curve ball and I went away from writing for a while as I fought a long battle with a bacterial infection. An unusually treatment gave me another change at life and it’s time to get riding again.

Chris Keith

August 2014


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