What’s Inyo Belly?


The Inyo Belly Project is a personal food adventure based in Inyo County, CA. where I am exploring food producers, markets and dining establishments in the region while traveling about on my dual sport motorcycle.

It started with a simple question:

What happens to all the cattle in the area?

Up and down US Highway 395, the main north-south artery, cattle is the most prominent agricultural feature.  Why then is it nearly impossible to find any of that beef at stores or markets in the region?  Soon I began a search; to learn more about this anomaly, to find out what has changed over the years, to rediscover my cooking roots, to explore the area from a new angle.

One day I heard a familiar Jimmy Buffett song and this line about the sea spoke to me:

“and in your belly you hold the treasures few have ever seen.”

Blending Inyo from my home turf with that pirate lyric I came up with:

The Inyo Belly Project

Please join me as I travel this incredible landscape discovering the trail of food as it passes through the generations into the future and together we will find out what’s Inyo Belly.

buritto & cervesa



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